Rainbow High Hover Play Hoverboard

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Tech Specs

When it comes to kids Hoverboards, look no further than the Rainbow High Hover Play hoverboard! This hoverboard is a blast to ride and is the only hoverboard that features animated 3D graphics that come to life as the wheels spin. The Rainbow High Hover Play features active balance technology making it a breeze to ride. This balancing technology makes this the perfect hoverboard for both novice and seasoned riders. With its colorful Rainbow High graphics, a top speed of 6 MPH, and a range of up to 3 miles per charge, this hoverboard is unlike anything else on the market. This hoverboard has a max weight limit of 130 lbs and is perfect for ages 5+


Top speed of 6 MPH
Max range of 3 miles
Weight limit of 130lbs
Ages 5 and up